10 responses from Pakistanis to Mark Zuckerberg’s post about Internet.org launch in Pakistan

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May 29, 2015
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On 28th of May, Facebook’s Internet.org initiative was officially launched in collaboration with a telecom service provider in Pakistan. For the uninitiated, Internet.org is Facebook led project through which Zuckerberg wants to ensure free access to a few services without any cost from the users.

After the official launch, following the tradition, Zuckerberg posted an official statement regarding the recent development of Internet.org in Pakistan. The thread took a turn when people started criticising Zuckerberg for sharing wrong stats about the adoption of the internet and the image selection for the update.

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Here are our 10 picks from the post comments.

FireShot Screen Capture #015 - 'Mark Zuckerberg' - www_facebook_com_zuck

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  2. image (32)
  3. image (34)
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