Tech Giant Apple Shows Interest in Buying Manchester United

If the €5.8 billion deal comes to a close, Manchester United will go onto become the richest football club...

Nov 25 ·>
Apple interested in buying Manchester United

Twitter Will Now Have Gold, Grey, And Blue Verification Mark

Elon Musk has announced that Twitter will soon roll out gold and grey verification check mark when it relaunches...


China is Heavily Investing In Pakistan To Shift Energy Production From Coal To Green Resources

China is fully motivated to shift the production of energy from coal to other green resources which would be...

Nov 25 ·>
green resources

Russia’s Google Is Ceasing Operations in Russia Due To Russia-Ukrain War

Russia is going to lose its most prominent tech company, Yandex-often referred to as “Russia’s Google”, and wants to...

Nov 25 ·>
russia's google

HEC Provided 15 Pakistani Startups With a $525,000 Grants To Promote Entrepreneurship

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has started to actively invest in the promotion of Entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan and...

Nov 25 ·>

After Meta and Amazon, Google is Also Expected to Start Mass Firing Employees

Rumors about the layoffs began when Google recently recorded its lowest revenue growth since 2013 More than 35,000 tech...

Nov 24 ·>
Google mass layoffs

Google And TikTok Soon Are Coming To Islamabad- Federal Government

Yesterday(Wednesday, 24 November), Federal Information Technology (IT) Minister Syed Aminul Haque said while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad that...


Major Social Media Platform TikTok Willing to Open Offices in Pakistan

Federal IT Minister revealed the news saying that TikTok is willing to open offices in Islamabad while another major...

TikTok to open offices in Pakistan

Tech Companies Are Offering Jobs To All Twitter Employees

Don’t like working for Elon Musk? Come work for us then! Top tech companies with huge talent deficiencies are...

twitter employees

Elon Musk Hires Famous Security Hacker to Fix Twitter

The security hacker named George Hotz became world famous at 17 when he became the first person to ever...

Twitter hires security hacker George Hotz

China’s J-15 Carrier Jet Is Powered By Domestic Engines

On Wednesday, the media confirmed that a new innovative carrier-based fighter jet J-15 perfectly fits China’s domestically developed engines....

Nov 24 ·>

Elon Musk Holds Off Relaunch Of Blue Tick Mark And Hints To Change Its Color

Elon Musk has called off the social media company’s relaunch of its blue check subscription service and he Tweeted...