When Google-Meta Has Fired Thousands Of Employees; This Indian Tech-Company, Tridhya Tech, Gifted 13 Cars To Its Employees

Tridhya Tech, an Ahmedabad-based IT firm, is making headlines these days. The company recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. The...

Feb 3 ·>
Tridhya Tech

Panic For Schools, Jealousy For Big Techs; ChatGPT Has Surely Moved the World

Two months into the release of ChatGPt, it has gained a total user count of over 100 million per...

Feb 3 ·>

FBR Just Launched a Currency Declaration App for International Travelers

Named ‘Pass Track’, the application is designed to facilitate passengers by making currency declaration easier The Federal Board of...

Feb 2 ·>
FBR currency declaration app

Facebook Hits Record Two Billion Active Users

With a 4% year-on-year growth, Facebook noticed a record 2.93 billion users in the third quarter of the year...


Musk Reacts On ChatGPT Passing US Medical Licensing Exam

According to the report, chatGPT has passed the most challenging exam and secured more than 50% marks. Since the...

Feb 2 ·>

Instagram Founders Just Launched a News Application to Rival Twitter and TikTok

Named ‘Artifact’, the text based news application works on a recommendation algorithm and is developed by Instagram co-founders Kevin...

Feb 2 ·>
Instagram co-founders news application

Samsung Announced The New Galaxy Book 3 Series; Features And Release Date

Samsung announced the launch dates for its brand new laptop series called Galaxy Book 3 Series. The series has...

Feb 2 ·>
Book 3

Top Companies That Uses AI Chatbots For Their Corporate Growth

ChatGPT has become very popular these days as it works on intelligent technology. Instead of working harder, successful people...

Feb 2 ·>

Pakistan Needs Industry-Coordinated Academia If It Is To Keep Up With Global Technology Industry

In the 21st century, heavy and trusted investment in the technology sector leads to separate developed nations from developing...

Feb 1 ·>

Chat GPT Creators Just Made a Free ChatGPT Breaking Tool

Made by OpenAI, the tool determines whether a text is written by Chat GPT or not OpenAI, the company...

Feb 1 ·>
ChatGPT Plagiarism Checker

Apple Starts Manufacturing Airpod Components in India

According to reports, Apple with the help of its supplier Jabil Inc is developing airpod components in India and...

Feb 1 ·>
Airpod production India

Solar Panel Users Saved Over Rs100 Million In Lahore

Lahore Electric Supply Company(LESCO) reported that the number of electricity units produced by solar-power net meeting connections had experienced...

Feb 1 ·>