US tech firm to invest in Pakistan’s solar energy sector

Faisal Saeed • 1 min ago

US Dollar hits another peak against Pakistani Rupee

Faisal Saeed • 1 hour ago

PTA barred from blocking unregistered phones by Peshawar High court

Faisal Saeed • 2 hours ago

Plan9 launches Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2019

Faisal Saeed • 3 hours ago

Google is working on adding offline saving options to all files on Google drive

Abdul Wahab • 3 hours ago

Samsung launches 3 new products in it’s SmartThings gadget series

Faisal Saeed • 20 hours ago

Huawei laptops will continue to get support from Microsoft and Intel

Sajeel Syed • 21 hours ago

This camera app is actually good at removing people from your photos

Hamza Zakir • 22 hours ago
Cover - Play Store

Over 2,000 harmful apps found on Google Play Store, report

Sajeel Syed • 23 hours ago

$3 billion Qatari investment to boost economy and create jobs, says Firdous

Faisal Saeed • 1 day ago

Bank Alfalah launches app for biometric verification of customers

Sajeel Syed • 1 day ago
huawei manufacturing unit

Huawei files yet another lawsuit against U.S for seizing its equipment

Shaheryar Ehsan • 1 day ago

Apple may launch the new 16-inch MacBook with 3072 x 1920 resolution this September

Abdul Wahab • 1 day ago