Zong 4G inaugurates state of the art 4G Research Lab at LUMS

Zong 4G inaugurates state of the art 4G Research Lab at LUMS

TechJuice • December 12, 2017

First ever Nordic Pakistan IT Summit held in Stockholm

TechJuice • November 27, 2017

Huawei to launch Honor V10 on November 28

Uzair Khalid • November 16, 2017
iphone 7 and 7 plus case

35 best iPhone 7 cases on Ali Express

Sidra Amin • November 16, 2017
Instagram Snapchat

Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status now have double users than Snapchat

Uzair Khalid • November 2, 2017

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL now have 2-year warranty

Uzair Khalid • October 27, 2017
iPhone X-girl

An Apple employee might be in trouble because of this iPhone X hands-on video

Uzair Khalid • October 27, 2017

Uber introduces its own credit card

Uzair Khalid • October 26, 2017
Smartphone usage banned on streets

Using phone while crossing street will now cost you $99 in this city

Sajeel Syed • October 25, 2017

VEON partners with Jazz to launch a mobile app, a free personal internet platform

Uzair Khalid • October 11, 2017

AIM is shutting down after 20 years & people are sharing memories on Twitter

Uzair Khalid • October 7, 2017
Apple Emoji-1

Apple reveals new emoji coming to iOS

Uzair Khalid • October 6, 2017

JP Morgan calls Bitcoin a fraud but then buys a stash of it

TechJuice • September 20, 2017

People are not buying iPhone 8 as they wait for the special iPhone X

Muneeb Ahmad • September 19, 2017