Google collects 10 times more data than Facebook and then sells it to the highest bidder

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Mobile Prices in Pakistan

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Iran’s central bank bans cryptocurrency trading

Sajeel Syed • 4 hours ago

Apple’s oldest iPhone 5s to get updated to iOS 12

Mohammad Jamal • 5 hours ago

Apple sheds a mass of $60 billion in value after reports of weak iPhone sales emerge out

Sajeel Syed • 6 hours ago

Google Doodle celebrates Earth day in Pakistan

Aqsa Khunshan • 6 hours ago

Huawei’s digital assistant will be emotionally intelligent, may replace human interactions

Asra Rizwan • 7 hours ago

Gmail users receiving spam emails from their own accounts

Sajeel Syed • 7 hours ago

This is what Android P will be called, survey

Mohammad Jamal • 7 hours ago
Startups-In-Pakistan (1)

A startup of Karachi won 1M rupees in 2017-18 Startup Cup Finals

Aqsa Khunshan • 8 hours ago

Google’s new app uses fun games to teach JavaScript

Asra Rizwan • 8 hours ago

DewMotoExtreme stunned Karachi with the biggest stunt show the city has ever seen!

Press Release • 8 hours ago

Pakistan Engineering Council introduces discounts for engineers on 100 brands

Asra Rizwan • 9 hours ago
Litecoin buying in pakistan

$99 million worth of Litecoin transaction completed in 150 seconds with just $0.40 fees

Sajeel Syed • 9 hours ago

Police uses a dead man’s finger in an attempt to access his phone

Mohammad Jamal • 9 hours ago

5 best apps for video calling that you didn’t know about

Aqsa Khunshan • 10 hours ago