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March 22, 2018 >

Mobile Prices in Pakistan

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Peshawar police launch a mobile app to automatically identify crime location

Sajeel Syed • 18 hours ago

Samsung announces Exynos 9610, S9-like graphics and AI for mid rangers

Muneeb Ahmad • 18 hours ago

Telegram hits 200 million users

Shehryar Ahmed • 19 hours ago

‘We are being underpaid’ says Tesla

Mohammad Jamal • 19 hours ago

Vivo V9 goes official and it’s not a copy of iPhone X entirely

Sajeel Syed • 20 hours ago

This will be world’s first smartphone with 512 GB of storage

Mohammad Jamal • 20 hours ago

This Android Application will make every smartphone squeezable

Mohammad Jamal • 21 hours ago

Higher Education Commission is reimbursing fees of students from 144 regions of Pakistan

Asra Rizwan • 21 hours ago

Pakistan buys missile tracking technology from China

Sajeel Syed • 21 hours ago

Snapchat’s Map Explore feature gets an update

Mohammad Jamal • 22 hours ago

Google searches spike for ‘delete Facebook’

Asra Rizwan • 22 hours ago

Samsung responds to Galaxy S9’s touchscreen issues

Sajeel Syed • 22 hours ago

Instagram users can now control their feeds to see newer posts first

Asra Rizwan • 23 hours ago

Facebook handed over data of 57 billion friendships to a researcher

Sajeel Syed • 24 hours ago

Thousands of Pakistanis fall a prey to a Facebook Hoax

TechJuice • 1 day ago