Apple Rolling Out iPhone 12 to Distributors Soon

Shaheryar Ehsan • 1 day ago

vivo Launches Y51 in Pakistan

Press Release • September 15, 2020

Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 6

Shaheryar Ehsan • September 15, 2020

Aima Baig & Azfar Rehman Join vivo as Brand Ambassadors for the Y51 Smartphone

Press Release • September 14, 2020

Realme celebrates 45 million users worldwide

Hamnah Khalid • September 2, 2020

The Galaxy M51 will have the biggest battery of any Samsung smartphone yet

Hamza Zakir • August 31, 2020

Commuters to now enjoy high-speed internet connection while traveling along Makran Coastal Highway

Naima Rabbie • August 25, 2020

Samsung to set a Smartphone Assembly Plant in Pakistan soon

Naima Rabbie • August 21, 2020

Farmers to receive agriculture-related customized advice on mobile phones

Naima Rabbie • August 19, 2020

Facebook to discontinue its ‘Lite’ app in the coming days for its iOS user

Naima Rabbie • August 17, 2020

Google to turn the Android-based smartphones into Earthquake detectors

Naima Rabbie • August 12, 2020

Google to start a worldwide shutdown of Google Play Music app by December

Naima Rabbie • August 5, 2020

Rawalpindi police rolled out a promising mobile app for facilitating citizens

Naima Rabbie • August 4, 2020

Huawei overhauled Samsung as the top Smartphone seller

Naima Rabbie • July 30, 2020