16 startup businesses pitched their products to investors and media

Written by Ali Leghari ·  2 min read >

The Nest I/O introduced its latest cohort of startups to investors, industry experts, and the media at a graduation ceremony held in Karachi today. This graduating batch of The Nest i/o startups includes 3 teams working in the technology education space, the purpose of which is to facilitate innovation in Pakistan’s education sector. The diverse cohort also includes business innovation in the healthcare, retail, in tech and advertising space.

With this fifth batch passing out of The Nest i/o in 27 months, the total number of graduating startups has come to 97, out of which an increasing number of co-founders are women. Moreover, The Nest i/o and its team have achieved over 200 mentions in local and international media including Forbes, Bloomberg, and PBS NewsHour and have been featured in various print and digital publications.

In her address, Jehan Ara talked about the mission of The Nest. “Our job here is very simple. We are here to facilitate, to empower, to support and assist the new generation of young people who are out to change the world … and they have already shown that they can. It is these young people who will change the image of Pakistan. The 5th cohort is truly diverse – 40% women, some serious engineering products, software, apps and online platforms. We are extremely proud of what they have achieved in these 4 months at The Nest i/o.”

Here is the list of startups which have graduated from The Nest i/o.

1. Meilleur
Meilleur provides Pakistan’s first multi-axial, industrial grade, cost-effective CNC Machine Router which overcomes the flaws of manual machining.

2. Comfort Cart
Comfort Cart is all about enhancing the shopping experience for retailers and consumers with reduced counter checkout time and increased sales turnover.

3. Khawo
Khawo allows customers to order directly from an interactive menu and ordered item will be printed wirelessly on chef & counter tables simultaneously.

4. ModulusTech
ModulusTech offers portable housing that can be set up in as little as three hours, providing small scale and large scale sustainable solutions for your housing needs.

5. theCounsellor
theCounsellor provides a platform for students to connect with career counselors and get the best counseling they need.

6. The Podcast Revolution
TPR is introducing an easy-to-use, cost-effective and efficient way to publish and manage podcasts.

7. YoFit
YoFit gives you access to the best fitness centers and diet plans all across Pakistan to help you with your fitness goals.

8. AssignMe
AssignMe is a mobile enabled solution with features for managing your field workforce. It allows users to run complex and diverse field operations.

9. MyMohalla
My Mohalla is a free application where neighbors can privately communicate, buy/sell/borrow items, alert neighbors during distress and ultimately get to know one another.

10. AuratRaaj
AuratRaaj is a digital content platform for education, entertainment, and empowerment of Pakistani women.

11. Unity:
Unity is a retail network that allows brands to sell with the click of a button by replacing the existing processes that are complicated, cumbersome and redundant.

12. BoloTech
Bolo Tech is the world’s first speech therapy platform in Urdu. It aims to improve speech and communication disorders and assist the hearing impaired with and without gadgets.

13. CertCars
CertCars provides both the vehicle seller and the buyer with an opportunity to sell or buy a vehicle right from the comfort of their homes.

14. Instrucfor
Instrucfor is an online marketplace for hiring instructors and tutors on the basis of their skills, expertise, experience and reviews of their past students.

15. Tools For Teacher
An app which will provide pedagogical support to all teachers, make teaching stress-free and make the learning process effective and interesting.

16. J-Axis
J-Axis is a start up production house that designs interactive concept learning games for kids to educate them and boost their creativity in a very innovative way, which is through edutainment games.