26 million people in America alone own cryptocurrency, survey

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March 21, 2018
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Crypto fever is on the rise and people all around the globe such as Japan, South Korea, and Austrailia all have invested in digital currencies. But the US, which is considered a leader, when we talk about adopting the latest and emerging technologies has revealed some exceptional results.

A recent study by Finder.com on Americans and cryptocurrencies has revealed that 26 million, or around 8% of the total population deals in the digital currency. The survey had a sample size of around 2001 American adults and was conducted through Pureprofile, a survey site that provides cash rewards to their users for participating.

Surprisingly the survey has also revealed that from 92% of the American population which doesn’t own any cryptocurrency, some 8% still intend to buy digital currencies in the near future.

The survey also highlights that major proportions of the cryptocurrencies i.e. 17.2% is owned by millennials while baby boomers only own 2.24% of the cryptocurrency in America.

The survey has revealed that men are more likely to invest in Bitcoins and altcoins rather than women, as 11.86% of all men compared to 4.27% of all women have owned cryptocurrencies or shown interest in owning them.

The survey concludes that most of the people in the US still don’t take interest in cryptocurrencies, as it states,

“The reason from 40.01% of those who haven’t yet purchased crypto, representing more than 90 million Americans, is because they are disinterested or they think there’s no need.”

Last but not least, the survey has also given a comparative analysis of interest of people in various cryptocurrencies. It reveals that 5% out of the 8% Americans were Bitcoin holders, whereas around 2% invested in Ethereum and around 0.9% bought Bitcoin Cash.

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