7 reasons why you should attend Momentum Tech Conference

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Momentum tech conference is taking place in Karachi on 19 and 20 February. This second iteration of the startup conference and exhibition by Momentum Pakistan is attracting tech leaders, investors, and academics from all over Pakistan. You might be wondering what’s the fuss is all about? Why should you be attending this conference? Well, we have got you covered! Here are seven reasons why you should be excited about Momentum Tech Conference and should be attending it on 19th and 20th February:

1. All the companies

Momentum Tech Conference is a host to a number of esteemed companies from all around the world. It will be attended by Facebook, Amazon Web Service, Apigee, Microsoft, Zapya among many more. These companies will share their resources and tools with attendees, which is an unbelievable opportunity for new startups to learn from these established ventures.

2. Amazing speakers

What’s a conference without the taste of some amazing speakers? Well, Momentum Tech Conference has covered you there as well. The team behind Momentum Tech Conference has courted an impressive team of speakers which will share their stories with the attendees during the two-day long event. These speakers include Asha Jadeja, Silicon Valley Investor, Irfan Wahab, CEO of Telenor, Noman Sikandar, CEO of Foodpanda, Jon Austin, Principal Solutions Architect from Amazon Web Services and the list goes on and on. You can see the impressive collection of speakers by following this link to Momentum’s official website.

3. Investment opportunities

With a large number of tech leaders and businessmen attending the conference, it is an excellent opportunity for new and rising startups to get the word out about their product and raise investment to start the next phase of their development. Investors like 10xC, Fatima Ventures, Sarmayakar, and Karandaaz will all be looking intently at the startups attending the conference to decide what product to back next.

4. International participation

Momentum Tech Conference is bringing a large number of international companies to the mix too. With delegates from Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft making their way into the list of speakers, it is encouraging for the tech community in Pakistan to see international companies taking interest in our local industry.

5. Huge support from tech community

It seems like nearly the whole tech community is invested in Momentum Tech Conference. Delegates from tech companies, incubators, universities, and startups will all be there to support this huge platform. Just looking at the page listing down the partners at Momentum’s official website is enough to make any fan of Pakistan’s tech community giddy. Nearly 40 universities, more than 10 investors and 20 incubators will be attending Momentum Tech Conference.

6. See what startups are up to

Momentum Tech Conference is providing startups with a huge opportunity to showcase their products at the big stage. A number of new and upcoming technology ventures will attend the conference to try their luck and attract much-warranted attention from both attendees and investors looking to gauge their market potential. It is going to be an exciting two days for these startups and might end up being the most important two days of their journey towards success.

7. To have fun!

If everything else fails to attract your attention, just go out there and have fun! See the exciting projects by startups and listen to what industry leaders tell their success stories. See what new partnerships are forming in the tech world and what can you expect over the next year or two. Momentum is also arranging 2 hackathons and 8 workshops during the two-day conference, which should be plenty exciting to attend or take part in.

No matter which way you look at it, there is something for everybody at Momentum Tech Conference. So if any one of the above reasons has piqued your interest, you can visit Momentum’s homepage right now to register yourself for the event and get tickets for two days of conference-y goodness.

Buy Tickets for Momentum:

Tickets for Momentum Tech Conference are available through both their official website and the Fonepay application.

Tickets come in two varieties; a standard ticket at a price of 1,000 PKR and a student ticket for 300 PKR (you will need a valid student ID card to use this ticket).

To buy the tickets from the website, go to the tickets tab, select your company (or register as an individual), and then pay through the Fonepay app using the QR code generated. You can directly buy tickets using the Fonepay application too. Just download the application, sign in with your Fonepay account, and go to the events tab to buy tickets for Momentum Tech Conference.

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