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Infinix unveils its second flagship, the Zero 2 in Pakistan

Written by Behlol Nawaz ·  1 min read >

Following Hot Note, Infinix Mobility has released another Android smartphone, “Zero2” in Pakistan. At the time of the announcement, Zero2 has been made available only at the online shopping portal Daraz.pk for Rs. 18,900.

According to the company the phone is aimed at students and young professionals. With this target, it was designed to be strong, attractive looking, stylish, easy to use and also be able to handle the intense use of the target demographic. It is a relatively thin phone and it notably has a strong and flexible, Kevlar, back cover.

The 5” AMOLED screen should have a great picture quality due to the high pixel density and superior contrast of OLED based screens. It uses the 3rd generation of Corning’s famous Gorilla Glass for protection from damage to the screen. Both cameras have good resolutions and have larger than average apertures so that the performance is good even in poor lighting conditions.

The Android version will be Kit Kat (4.4). It will run on an 8-core, Cortex A7 processor, that is clocked at 2GHz and is coupled with 2GB of RAM. The dedicated GPU is Mali-450, which is one of the powerful ones in ARM’s line of mid-range GPUs. This sort of processing power is intended to keep entertainment centered users happy.

Infinix Hot Note (released earlier) had a larger screen and its larger form factor also allowed it a much larger battery (4000mAh compared to Zero2’s 2300mAh). However, Zero2’screen is of a much better quality and probably more suitable for use as a phone, depending on the user’s preference. Although both phones have the same SoC, Zero2 has additional 1GB of RAM and the processor is clocked approximately 600MHz higher.

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The cameras on Zero2 have a higher resolution and it also has more internal memory. While Hot Note already has an Android Lollipop update, according to the official specs, Zero2 comes with KitKat and it remains to be seen whether it will have an update. But given the similarity in hardware, most probably Zero2 will also get an update to Lollipop.

While Hot Note might have a better battery life and would be more appropriate for reading due to its larger screen, the Zero2 has better cameras, a better quality screen, and more processing power. Looking at this comparison, it is important to note that Hot Note costs about Rs. 5000 less than Zero2.

The company’s officials have expressed confidence in their products and said they would be targeting gaps in the Pakistani market. They said their phones would give a tough competition to their contemporaries due to the combination of quality and affordable prices.

You can pre-order Infinix Zero2 from Daraz.pk. Will you pre-order this smartphone? Let us know in the comment sections below. 

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