Bytes Overload In-Ear Earphones offers clarity and depth to your ears

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 1 min read> has made a customized pair of in-ear earphones. While the market is heavily saturated with the first copy or locally made earphones, Overload offers a unique sense of quality matched with an unparallel price. For Rs. 800, the Bytes Overload offers a strong and tough sleeving that is easy to untangle and feels like a quality build. only recently came offering competitive products at reasonable prices. We enjoyed experiencing VR Headset, will the Bytes Overload do the same? Let’s dive in and see.

Design and build quality

The Bytes Overload earphones came with extra in-ear buds (4 to be precise) for people who might need bigger or smaller earbuds to fit in. The sleeving was smooth and followed a helix structure leading on all sides of the earphones. This makes untangling the earphones an effortless chore since the wires are slightly thicker and easier to work around. Most other earphones in this price are a single layer wire which can get cut through quickly.

The Bytes Overload offers a two-layer cable sleeving which provides double protection from wear and tear. Currently, only gray and black color combination is available subjective to the users taste.

The durability of the steel plated earphones over plastic variants in the market ensure that the earphones stand the test of time.

Sound Quality & Testing

The earphones offer some modest specifications for sound quality and testing in this price range.

Cable Length

1.2 meters

Frequency Response

20-2,000 Hz

Plug Type

3.5 mm jack


95 dB +/- 3 dB


All devices and machines featuring a 3.5 mm jack input

Other Features
  • Mic control
  • Multimedia buttons (Play, stop, fast forward, fast backward)
  • Call related buttons (Receive call, reject call)

The earphones are advertised to deliver the loudest sound, with the deepest bass. It is safe to say that the earphones managed to deliver on the promise and surpass my expectations. I tested these on an iPod Touch 4G and 5G for Music playback, the quality of the earphones was equal if not slightly better than my current earphones of Sony I use for daily purposes.

The earphones comfortably fit in my ears out of the box and managed to seclude me from the world through a great balance of loudness, bass and comfort. The music experience from these earphones was truly mesmerizing which carried over when I used the earphones for attending calls allowing me to hear with clarity and depth.

Lastly, let’s come to movies and TV Shows. As a huge TV Show enthusiast, I downloaded and watched several SD and HD episodes of my daily TV shows and I was surprised that the experience was once again outstanding and exceeded my expectations. The sound quality was clear and crisp, from the technical conversations of Mr. Robot, all the way to the well-orchestrated music of Hannibal.


For Rs. 800, you will have a hard time finding an equal for these earphones in the open market. These earphones have durability, quality and economy all in one neat package. If you have a bad track record with earphones and don’t want to spend a 4 digit sum on earphones, then these earphones are definitely up your alley.

The clarity of voice, amazing bass and the loudness without having to deal with crackling or other audio distractors, truly shows that Bytes has delivered a quality product.