Cinepax Cinemas’ website got hacked by Pakistani hackers

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Cinepax Cinemas network is one of the most popular cinema networks in the country with its screens across multiple cities in Pakistan. Today, their website is hacked and the hackers left some messages on the site.

Right now, when you open the homepage of Cinepax cinemas, instead of opening the usual website, a hacked page appears with has a heading, an image and some messages left for the Cinepax administration. The title of the hacked page reads “CinePax Cinema Got HacKed By Team Pak Cyber Attackers” and then there is an image in which some army troops are holding a Pakistani flag.

Cinepax Hacked

Then the hackers have praised themselves by typing “We Are Legend We Are h4xoR”. They’ve also left a couple of messages to Cinepax and asked them to secure their servers. The messages read “Secure y0ur Server :D” and “Respect Us Or Expect Us ;)”. Hackers have also posted their name at the end of the site, the name shown is “Faisal_1337”. It is still unknown if there is a team behind the hack or an individual hacker has done it. It is also not known that why did the hackers hack the website. The hackers appear to be Pakistani by their name.

Cinepax General Manager, Mohsin Yaseen, confirmed Dawn that their server has been compromised and they are restoring the website.

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Written by Uzair Khalid
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