Dawlance joins WWF-Pakistan for plantation of 5,000 Mangroves on coastal belt.

Written by Zahra Farid ·  1 min read >

Karachi: 28th June, 2021 – With a vision to combine its technological-leadership with preservation of nature, Dawlance has collaborated with WWF-Pakistan to contribute towards environmental sustainability. Both these resourceful partners shall now take the partnership ahead by planting 5,000 Mangrove saplings on the 28th of June 2021, along the coastal belt. This valuable initiative is a part of the brand’s sustainability objectives which will also include various activities that are environment friendly like Green workshops, tree plantations and much more in times coming ahead. 

This extensive plantation-drive will signify the importance of mangroves and protection of nature’s ecological-balance, for preventing global-warming and climate-change to ensure a safe and healthy future for our coming generations. By nurturing and preserving mangrove forests and with the plantation of 5,000 mangrove saplings, Dawlance shall contribute to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide at an average of 61.1 metric tonnes per year. This collaboration with WWF is a part of the “Dawlance for Humanity” initiative – propagating environmental and economic sustainability, while enabling a better quality of life, education and healthcare for the Pakistani nation. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Umar Ahsan Khan stated: “We recently signed an MOU with WWF Pakistan and the mangrove plantation is first step towards many more initiatives in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan. Mangroves play a vital role as a defense line against flooding, provides a whole new ecosystem to several species. As a responsible and reliable organization, Dawlance shall continue propagating “Perfect Balance of Nature & Technology” and play its role towards achieving the company’s annual sustainability objectives which are in line with Arçelik’s vision of sustainability”.

The Regional Director of WWF-Pakistan, Dr Tahir Rasheed said: “The partnership with Dawlance will help us increase the mangrove cover in Pakistan. Mangroves are the defense line for the coastal communities and provide many ecological services. So this partnership will contribute to ensure that these important ecosystems remain intact.”   

Dawlance, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arçelik – the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe, is implementing the inspirational and generous sustainability vision of Arcelik into Pakistan. After this plantation drive, multiple stakeholders will be engaged to proceed with a series of large-scale community development initiatives, leading to a greener, cleaner world for our future generations.