Digital Youth Summit 2018 to bring together innovators in Peshawar

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The Digital Youth Summit (DYS), Pakistan’s premier technology conference, is scheduled to take place in Peshawar from 27th to 28th of April 2018. DYS is jointly organized by the World Bank and the KP IT Board.

Running in its fourth year, DYS brings together members of the academia, civil society, government bodies & functionaries, investors, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, students, and others looking to make their mark on Pakistan’s digital ecosystem.

DYS 2018 features a refreshed and diverse lineup of speakers with notable luminaries such as Jamal Khan (CEO Arpatech), Muneeb Maayr (CEO Bykea), Rabeel Warraich (CEO Sarmayacar), Asra Nadeem (Program Manager Draper University), Aurelie Salvaire (Founder Shiftbalance), and various others. Over the span of two days, the event will execute a series of panel discussions and innovation talks asking the question of Pakistan witnessing the emergence of a tech unicorn and the promotion of inclusive internet access.

Alongside these talks, a number of capacity building sessions and workshops will be executed focusing on Android Development, Blockchain, eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Open Data. This edition will not only focus on digital and entrepreneurial learning but will also pursue a discourse about gender diversity in technology fields, digital safety and redefining the future of work.

Eminent guests will be joining DYS this year. Imran Khan, will also address the audience on the first day of the summit and outline his vision for the future of the province in line with a multi-pronged strategy: Digital Access, Digital Governance, Digital Economy, and Digital Skills. The KP IT Board will also provide updates on programs initiated under the Digital KP banner, which were first announced at DYS 2017.

The full schedule of talks and workshops can be viewed here. The tickets for DYS 2018 can be collected from any of the collection points. The packages and collection points can be viewed here.

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