Elon Musk Revealed How He Caught The Person Who Leaked His Data in 2008 And Almost Left Musk Bankrupt.


Vaibhav Balghare, an Indian follower of multi-billionaire Elon Musk gained some attention when he asked Elon Musk about how he managed to catch the person who was behind the 2008 data leak of his company Tesla, which by the way almost caused Musk bankruptcy. Vaibhav Baghare asked Musk this question on Sunday and the Tesla CEO responded to his tweet about how the electric car-maker caught an employee who leaked the trade secrets in 2008.

Elon Musk shared his smart move which was also the creation of Musk’s mind. He said;

“That is quite an interesting story. We sent what appeared to be identical emails to all, but each was actually coded with either one or two spaces between sentences, forming a binary signature that identified the leaker.”

Another follower asked Musk what finally happened to those employees 

“They were invited to further their career elsewhere,” Musk replied.

When a follower asked the Tesla CEO if he took any legal action against them, he said: “Too busy trying to survive at the time”.

Musk in December last year responded to Indian engineer Pranay Pathole on how the company neared bankruptcy on Christmas eve during the 2008 financial crisis.

“On Christmas eve 2008, Tesla funding round completed, Tesla was literally a few days from bankruptcy,@elonmuskhad to put in all his money & assets,” Pathole Tweeted.

“Payroll would otherwise have bounced two days after Christmas,” he replied.

“That was a crazy tough year. Tesla financing closed at 6pm Christmas Eve – last hour of the last day possible. Payroll would otherwise have bounced two days after Christmas,” Musk replied.

Elon Musk have always been very vocal about the year 2008 and is lowkey proud that he and company was able to survive the year. He always says that they have learned a lot from the recession. 

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