Elon Musk’s Father is Proud of him and claims that he Misheard the interviewer last time

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Elon Musk

A few days ago, Elon Musk’s father, Errol Musk gave an interview to an Australian show “The Kyle and Jakie O Show”. Kyle asked Errol if he was proud of his son Elon and he gave a strange and surprising remark. He started his answer with a firm no and then stated how his family has done many things in the past. He said;

“No, well, you know, I mean, we are a family that has been doing a lot of things for a long time. It’s not as though we suddenly started doing something.”

This answer shocked everyone including both the hosts of the show who thought that multi-billionaire tech sensation Elon Musk was unsuccessful in making his dad proud. But many, including me, noticed that his answer was weird and it was quite possible that he did not hear the question correctly or did not understand what it meant.

Later, Errol did a newspaper interview for The Daily Mail in which he said that he is actually proud of his son Elon and the misunderstanding was because he misheard the interviewer. He said;

“I didn’t actually notice her question about being proud. I thought she asked, ”Were you expecting this coming?”

He further stated that the miscommunication was due to the other host’s continuous laughing and that he did not understand what Jacie said. He told The Daily Mail that;

“It was a bit more confusing because the other chap (Kyle), who was a nice fellow, was laughing a lot so I never quite picked up what she (Jackie O) was saying while I was talking,”

He released the mixup when he heard the interview later and explained as;

“It was only when I listened to the recording afterwards that I realized.”

He said that he realized his mistake and said that he wanted to correct himself and told The Daily Mail that he was really proud of his son. He released that he made a big mistake and made himself clear by stating;

“If you ask any parent if they are proud of their son, you are proud of them from the day they are born.”

Errol Musk has been on the news a lot lately. As he previously told the press that Elon Musk has texted him to “keep quiet” after his interview in which he said that he was not proud of Elon. And also because he just announced his second child with her step-daughter Jana Bezuidenhout and when Jana’s mom said that he was a “very bad man.”