Exclusive: Click Drs aims to disrupt Pakistan’s medical sector by connecting UK specialists with patients

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Click Drs launched their Telemedicine platform in Pakistan yesterday at a launch event in Serena Hotel Islamabad. The platform aims to connect patients in Pakistan with qualified specialists within our country and abroad in the UK so that they can get prescriptions and get a second opinion on the ailment they are suffering from. Click Drs is available on Android and iOS from where users can schedule an appointment, which can be instant with a turnaround time of fewer than 30 mins or in future as per the Doctor’s schedule.

Through the app, the founders aim to aware the people regarding telemedicine plus fight quackery across the country which often results in more deaths or incorrect diagnosis of patients. Click Drs CEO Dr. Zubair highlighted that during the pandemic, services will be provided free of cost to all patients in Pakistan. Click Drs will be onboarding specialists from all over the country and UK so that the patients can also get an opinion from General Practitioners (GP) in the UK.

Click Drs has 2 packages: Self and Family whereas the founders aim to onboard hospitals in Pakistan along with Doctors as well. Since Doctors can easily conduct appointments with patients anywhere, the cost of one appointment will be significantly lower than the one conducted in person. There will also be a package for corporate organizations so that they can provide access to their employees.

This initiative will not only provide citizens expert opinion from specialists from the UK but also train existing doctors in Pakistan in the field of Telemedicine while helping patients across the country to get instant access to specialists whenever they require. Essentially, you will not need to go to a hospital to consult a doctor, you can do that at the comfort of your home.

Talha Ikram also contributed to this article.

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