Foodpanda Partners With Brandverse To Ease Grocery-Shopping With Ecommerce

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Brandverse, Pakistan’s largest, fastest and most automated production studio for ecommerce product content has signed a long-term partnership agreement with foodpanda to provide data and content for their recently launched and rapidly expanding grocery delivery service, foodpanda shops.

Brandverse will provide foodpanda access to the largest and fastest-growing catalog of FMCG products, delivered in real time to it’s partners. Brandverse will ensure that foodpanda will have continuous access to Pakistan’s most comprehensive, always up-to-date, growing product data catalogue to enable them to provide a better ecommerce experience to their users and retail partners.

Raza Matin, CEO & Founder, of Brandverse said on the occasion “this is a natural, expected progression of our startup journey, where we are now extending into product content distribution. We are elated to announce that the first of many content distribution partnerships has been with foodpanda, a household name, which has been at the forefront of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan for many years. Getting your products on foodpanda shops and beyond is now as easy as getting them to Brandverse.”

Nauman Sikander Mirza, CEO of foodpanda Pakistan, added “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. In this era of digital transformation, content has to be reflective of what the customer orders. Our main focus at foodpanda, is to enhance the customer experience, thereby increasing the customer lifetime value. We are excited to partner with Brandverse and we hope to achieve foodpanda’s objectives through this partnership.”

On the future of the partnership, Raza Matin said ”content is the lifeblood of e-commerce, and we foresee many avenues of continued partnership with foodpanda, as we both work towards creating richer and more meaningful digital user experiences that delight.”