Foreign Office launches digital attestation of documents using QR codes

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  54 sec read >

The Government of Pakistan is undeniably looking on ways to excel in the ICT sector of the country as it is continuously adopting advanced tools of technology in various departments. In its recent effort to upgrade consular services in the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently announced a transition from the manual attestation of documents to the digital attestation system.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has today launched the digital Quick Response (QR) code system at its headquarters. The system will help the ministry store a small amount of data efficiently. The newly launched setup will be gradually introduced to other camp offices as well.

According to a statement by the Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson, this new digital setup is quite user-friendly and it will lead to an efficient attestation of papers. Meanwhile, the usage of QR code scanner will also help verify the attestation of documents.

In addition to providing expeditious attestation system, the new setup would restrict the professional misconduct of fraudulent attestations which were earlier distress in the manual attestation system. Furthermore, the digital attestation will develop a paperless system and it will ensure that all the data of the FO is digitally backed up.

It must also be noted that overseas Pakistanis constantly send their wills, power of attorney and such other documents after getting them attested from camp offices in embassies and high commissions to Pakistan. FO also attests marriage certificates and various educational documents. Therefore, the launching of this digital system will help them process their documents more easily.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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