Fulbright Scholarships program for Pakistan is now accepting applications

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The United Educational Foundation (USEFP) has announced Fulbright scholarships for Pakistani students for the 2020 academic year. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2019, and the program will cover all of the expenses of the students going to the USA for the pursuit of higher studies.

The program allows students to apply for MS leading to Ph.D. programs or simply Ph.D. scholarships. Various disciplines are being offered including energy, water, agriculture, public health, education, and others. The list is extremely long and if you are interested, your degree will most likely be offered in the masters or Ph.D. program list.

Fulbright is widely recognized and is one of the most prestigious programs available to students throughout the world to study in American universities. About 1 in 4.3 applicants is awarded a Fulbright scholarship according to recent stats as per Pro Fellow. In the 2015-16 academic year, only 24% of the candidates received this grant to study abroad which clearly shows how tough the competition is.

The Fulbright Pakistan program covers travel, living stipends, health insurance, and tuition for the entire period of study, this cost can amount to a total of $30,000 or more in many cases. Minister Counsellor for Public Affairs Christopher Fitzgerald, while speaking about the Fulbright program, said that it was the cornerstone of Pakistan and USA ties:

Fulbright is not just an academic scholarship – it is a programme that produces strong leaders who return to Pakistan upon completion of their studies and make a difference in improving their communities.

You can apply for the Fulbright program on the USEFP website.

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