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Geek Week: do you have what it takes to win Prizes worth 250,000?

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >

Did you miss Softec? If yes, don’t worry because FAST NUCES ACM Chapter is bringing you a Geek Week at the end of this month on March 28th! With dozens of geeky activities, the event promises to be a learning experience like never before. Meet some fierce competitors and let the thrill of competition drive you to new heights of success. Don’t forget to register for the event before the deadline!

“In four years of my student life, DevFest (Geek Week)  was the only competition that intrigued me, I went on to participate, won the competition and amazingly within a week I was hired at a top notch working place in Lahore. Looking back I can say that, Geek Week changed my life.” – Fatima – Founder (The AppJuice)

Opportunity knocks at the door, but once. Technical competitions can serve as a gateway to some great jobs. Therefore, students are encouraged to keep co-curricular activities side by side so they can gain valuable experience and exposure to the actual work principles in the industry. This year’s Geek Week is yet another opportunity that you can try out. Who knows maybe your luck will work this time.

Interested? Here are the Competitions

There are different competitions and events planned for the Geek Week and you can participate according to your capabilities. There are also fun-filled activities like Highway gaming and social night which can help you refresh your mind if you get bored with technical work.

1. The Asian Programming Competition

2. Development Fest (24 hours Hackathon)

3. Geek Wars (Quiz Competition)

4. Poster Designing Competition

5. Gaming Competition

6. Cipher Hacking Contest

7. Microcontroller Interfacing & Programming Competition

8. Network Firewall Cracking Contest

9. Engineering Project competition

Participate in an International Event

This is the 3rd international event which is being held by the ACM chapters of Pakistan and India. The participants of the competitions will not only include Pakistanis but also different students from almost 15 countries including India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The international competitors will be joining via the internet.

If you thought local competitions were fun, this is going to get much more interesting. With talent from many Asian countries competing, you can depend on Geek Week competitions to be interesting and challenging. Furthermore, if you go ahead and win, you can add a really amazing accomplishment to your CV.

The AppJuice is the official media partner for the event so don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any details regarding the event. This year’s Technology Partner is Microsoft and FAST NUCES ACM chapter is the main organizing body. We are looking forward to a fantastic event this year so let the Geek within you take control and become a part of this competition.

Written by Qurat Zafar
Her heart skips a beat everytime she sees a new, beautiful gadget. A tech enthusiast to the core, Qurat loves reading, writing and wasting time. She tweets at @q_zafar. Profile