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GIK Students develop Pakistan’s First Real-Time Online shopping website to ease Shopping during Corona Crisis

Avatar Written by Faisal Ashfaq · 2 min read>

As limitations caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus continues to disrupt the “brick and mortar” across the globe, millions of people across the world are also the victim of this pandemic situation, same is the case with Pakistan, where due to strictly imposed lockdown by the government body has restrained human life from every resource.

People in Pakistan are not allowed to go out and most stores and markets are completely closed for the public, there are some of the stores which are offering online shop opportunities to people but most of them are taking benefit of this situation by overpricing products.

In this situation of lockdown, online shopping is one of the best options but people in Pakistan are very much confused because of online scams and overpricing products. But there is no need to worry because of the first time in Pakistan,

 ‘’An online shopping website has been created by Graduates of GIKI which can also track live location of your packet named’’ 

Muhammad Bilal Jamil and Syed Ali Abbas Haider are the ones who have made this live tracking online shopping website and have solved nearly all the problems which people are generally facing while shopping from online sites.

Both the founders have used special mechanism of machine learning and data mining algorithms for live tracking of your parcel and not only that you can also classify online stores which are close to you and are offering their online services as well.

One of the major problems which people were facing  during online shopping was overpricing but now there is no need to worry because shoppingum is here for you to solve all your problems, you can easily compare price on your desired product and can easily draw a line according to your desire so we can say:

‘’ has undoubtedly changed the whole aspect of online shopping in Pakistan’’ 

Shoppingum has currently more than 3.2 million products that are available out there on more than 210 most renowned and trustful online shopping stores in Pakistan and without any doubt is one of the most powerful online search engines in Pakistan.

How to live product tracking feature of works 

Shoppingum has the simple methodology of working, it simply collects the data available on the internet and by using its pre-defined algos and techniques, it simply classifies the data which works as a material of guidance for its consumers who are searching their desired item by using its search engine and that’s how it gains the confidence of its users.

Also, there is no need to worry if your product has even reached to the wrong address due to some error or by some miscommunication, now you can easily track the location of your packets by using the live product tracking feature of this website which is interestingly the first time available in Pakistan, thanks to

Its multiple algos and working techniques have now made things easier for its users who have queries because it responds very quickly to its queries and you can easily find the answer to your query in less than a minute.

Key to every problem,

Shoppingum has taken over all the e-commerce problems in Pakistan because of its time saving and trust-building quality among both sellers and buyers.

As in Pakistan, we know people are always confused about buying from online sites due to a lack of confidence in the seller and the quality of the product. now has the best solution to this problem as well because it builds strong confidence between seller and buyer and also it saves lots of time and takes all the tensions and stress from all those people who are willing to shop online.


In short, we can say that Shoppingum has become a roof that has gathered all the online stores in one place with all the best possible features with itself.