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Gmail launches native advertisements for better user experience

Avatar Written by Nauman Chughtai · 34 sec read>

Google has recently launched a new native advertisement format for its over 900 million Gmail users. Gmail already boasts more than 31% of global and even higher 40% share of mobile digital advertising market.

The new ad format allows advertisers to utilize AdWords ad gallery which allows them to make their advertisements more interactive with the help of videos, static and dynamic images.

While on the other hand, Google has added Forward and Save to Inbox options which allow users to either save the advert in their inbox or forward it to others.

Although the advertisements will still be located in a separate promotions tab and will be user centric. The new format will split the advert into two parts. In the collapsed position, the ad will exhibit a simple mail format, whereas the expanded unit, when clicked, will bring out a full page advertisement.

The new advert format will be made available to billions of mobile and desktop users as well.

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