Google media will not back up the media faults by default

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 56 sec read>

Google has announced today that media from chat apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Messenger will no longer be backed up on Google Photos. The feature was in trial for months by the company and has been initiated for all of the users of Google Photos.

The team is changing the settings in Google Photos so that photos from the messaging applications would not be backed up. Google clearly stated that this is a temporary move as people are sharing more media content like photos and videos so only internet resource media is going to be saved.

Google said blog post: “People are sharing more and videos due to COVID 19. To save internet resources, backup and sync have been turned off for device folders created by messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messages, and Kik.”

The users on the other hand can change the settings anytime they want to as these changes are not permanent. Once the magnitude of sharing the pictures is going to decrease, Google will automatically change the setting to the previous form. Besides that, the existing chat media files that are saved in the Google photos will not be affected or auto-deleted this setting has been rolled out for the new pictures only.

Besides that Google is also adding a mute button to the images. These few features have been added by the server-side updated. At the end of the timeline scrubber, photos will add a mute button. Though this new feature has not been added to all the devices, it is soon expected that these changes will be added automatically.