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Google says Pakistan is evolving in e-commerce sector

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In this digital era, Pakistan is shifting towards online shopping, which is more easy and convenient. The old traditional way of shopping is not only physically hectic but also more costly.

Pakistan has witnessed a huge growth in the e-commerce industry in the last few years. The latest Google study reveals that Pakistan is evolving in the e-commerce sector.

The survey was conducted in Pakistan, from more than 2,500 people aged 18-55 years old. The sample only included the shoppers of skincare, smartphone and women’s fashion wear categories.

The sample was collected from both Rural and Urban areas with 1/3 from rural areas. The shoppers were only buyers from these three categories in the last three months.

The collected data divided into three phases:
1. Pre-Purchase
2. Point of Sale
3. Post-Purchase


In the Pre-Purchase phase, people use online sources to learn about the product before purchasing it. It includes both physical purchase from a store or buying the product online.

People prefer learning about the product from online sources before going to purchase, according to the survey, 72% people search online about the skincare products, 82% search for mobile phones and 89% participants turns to the internet to seek more information about the product of this category before making the decision over the purchase.

Point of Sale

In the point of sale phase, the customer goes for purchase. According to the study, people search online for the product in the pre-purchase phase most of the time buy it from there as well. According to the survey, 7 out of every 10 shoppers make the purchase for skincare products online, 6 out of 10 buy the mobile phone online and 7.5 shoppers out of 10 buy the women’s fashion wear from online stores.


The online shopping does not end at point of sale, it continues after the purchase completed. In the skincare products, the consumers also search for tutorials, ways of styling their clothes and for smartphone reviews for the devices they have purchased.

The survey is very helpful for brands in the advertisement of their products. The study tells that people are more active on the internet to learn about the product, as compare to going to stores and spend their lot of time there. Online advertisement is more effective and friendly for a customer and seller.