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Govt Warns Pakistanis Against Russia-Backed APT Hackers Activities

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Russian hackers have become very active and planning to steal the sensitive information of Pakistanis. According to the reports, Russia’s Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) hackers target Pakistan’s Government Institutions.

In addition, after the news was unveiled about Israeli hackers targeting Pakistan, the sources suggested that Russian hackers are also trying to sensitive data from Pakistanis. Sources are sure that the hackers will target Pakistani government institutions.

The Federal Government Of Pakistan has cautioned all provincial governments, divisions, and ministries about these activities.
In addition, the circular contains all the necessary actions that institutions must take and complete guidance on mitigating cyber attacks from a hacking network supported by Russia.

However, the steps were also mentioned to avoid cyber-attacks of Russia-backed hacking networks. According to the government circular, “APT hackers are striving to get access to sensitive information.” Therefore, the federal government has advised using separate servers for offline and online networks.
The circular further advised, “the location of all types of files should be kept in sight, and incoming traffic of internet and the user’s control should be strengthened.”


The circular says, “The location of all file types should be kept in sight, and incoming internet traffic and the user’s control should be strengthened.”
However, the government letter also suggests limiting internet usage to a few users and checking software through digital code signing before using it. Moreover, the circular also offers to keep a backup of sensitive data at any cost.

Hence, it is also advised that “the password must be changed regularly at the administrator’s level.” “The entities should prepare a comprehensive plan to tackle any emergency.”

However, it is essential to mention here that currently, a government circular has also advised avoiding exchanging Personal information with suspected companies while advising to keep a strict eye on Israeli hacking activities.

As per cybersecurity guidelines, “personal information and documents should not be shared with unauthorized websites. The guidelines also suggest avoiding clicking at unknown links for protection”.

It is also advised to avoid downloading and installing any unknown website content or applications and ignore using public WiFi as a precaution.
Moreover, official departments are advised to use separate servers for offline LAN and online works and monitor the location of all critical data and files.
Russian hackers are pretty active these days, and their primary objective is to target government institutions and military agencies. After Israel, Russian hackers are now actively hacking all the essential information and data of Pakistanis.

Therefore, organizations must be vigilant and proactively strengthen their cybersecurity defenses. By taking proa to e measures such as different server setups, secure backup protocols, emergency preparedness plans, and user control reinforcement, organizations can fortify their digital infrastructure against Russian hackers.

Alas, making a daily awareness program of Israeli hacking activities and practicing caution will help safeguard sensitive data. Hence, by prioritizing cybersecurity measures, Pakistan can protect its valuable assets, information, and the integrity of its government institutions.

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