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In midst of #USAElections2020 Donald Trump Jr. tweets the updated map of Pakistan

Shaheryar Ehsan Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  34 sec read >

As the US Elections are picking up pace, Donald Trump Jr. has just shared the world map highlighting who exactly supports Trump and Biden. Upon closer inspection of the map, it can clearly be seen that he has used the updated map of Pakistan!

Take a closer look at the tweet below:

While much can be said about his prediction, the map quickly drew attention from both Pakistanis and Indians regarding the distribution of territories. While others were debating about the support for Trump in the highlighted territories, some were debating about the point of the map.

Here is a collection of tweets in response to the map:

This definitely isn’t how the election is supposed to work:

Someone pointed out an anomaly:

And entire Antarctica supports Donald Trump?

What is your prediction about the US Elections?

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