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Indian Hackers Got Control Of Pakistani Officials’ Computers

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >
Indian Hackers

The name of the Indian hacking gang is WhiteInt. The gang operates from an area of the Indian technology city Gurugram’s fourth-floor apartment. Therefore, the leader of this gang is 31-year-old Aditya Jain. Aditya Jain is a TV cybersecurity Pandit who, during the day, works at the Indian office of Deloitte, a British Accountancy company.

A report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism cites that earlier this year, ‘s January; the company had ordered Aditya to break into the email account of Fawad Chaudhry. Hence, Fawad Chaudhry was the information minister during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tenure.

Moreover, Jain also took a screenshot of the information minister’s inbox. He condemned it and expecting the current Foreign Minister, Bilawal Bhutto, to raise his voice against this issue. Jain’s team was using malware to control the PTI leader’s computers, and the target was senior generals of the country.

Indian Hackers

Likewise, the embassies in Beijing, Kathmandu, and Shanghai were also targeted. However, his most-well known target was former president retired General Pervez Musharraf. Aditya is heading a team of computer hackers which British private detectives hired to steal emails using “phishing” techniques.

At the start of this year, Sunday Times undercover reporters went to India to act as corporate investigators. Wishing to hire a computer hacker and met with various suspected cyber-criminals and also contacted Jain.

Although, Jain told them that he could provide closed-source information. Information on email and computers of any person worldwide in a period of 20 to 30 days. On the other hand, in January 2019, Diligence Global commanded to work on a World Cup project. The following year, Rey started to commission the gang to target individuals who revealed malpractices by hosts Qatar.

Thus, Jonathan Calvert, the editor of the Sunday Times Insight team, was one of the targets. Jonathan Calvert played a pivotal role in exposing the corruption due to which Qatar won the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

A database reveals Rey ordered Jain to target Calvert on 22 April 2022. A few weeks before, Insight wrote a story about the rule-breaking $100 million “success fee” Qatar gave to FIFA in return for getting the right to host the World Cup.

Besides, the lawyers for Qatar’s government deny it and accused Calvert of a “politically motivated crusade” which has a link with Qatar’s Gulf competitor UAE. According to last month’s report, Jain admits to hacking people in the past, but not for several years. Furthermore, he claims not to know the names of some people on his database, and he didn’t hack those on the list.

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