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Instagram rolled out tests for adding new ‘Shop’ tab in the interface

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Instagram started a small global test yesterday. They are adding a Shop tab which was first announced in May of this year. This tab allows users to shop on Instagram from the top brands. With the new additions, users will be able to filter out their search for products by category.

Even though the social media giant had announced the plans back in may for newly designed Instagram shops with a different layout than what is available today through the Instagram Explore. The new global test will help users to experience the same shop experience that US users have been experiencing.

The main difference is that the icon of the shop will be replaced by a heart icon in the main navigation. Thankfully the activity is not gone completely. For the users who are going the test, the activity tab can be accessed at the top right of the feed (right next to the paper airline direct icon) or by visiting the profile and clicking the heart icon by there.

Instagram stated that it will use the test to determine how it will roll out the shop further down the road. The company might rethink the concept of replacing activity with shop traffic and conversions.

The spokesperson of the company said: “This is a small global test of the Instagram Shop tab that w announced in May. We’ll use this test to assess how we decide to roll this out further.”

This new feature is expected to roll out globally by the beginning of next year and the exact launch date has yet to be announced.

However, this is not the first time that Instagram has deleted the Activity tab feature form the app. Last year, Instagram deleted feature that allows users to see which post their friends and acquaintance liked.