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Kaymu.pk Celebrates its First Anniversary!

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >

Edited (3-5-2014): A few facts added.

Success stories are an inspiration for people who would like to start their own company in the future and when it comes to great success stories, Kaymu.pk is a name you can’t miss. With over 30,000 visitors a day and up to 16,175 orders per month, you can see the massive growth of the website in just past one year.

Kaymu.pk is the largest online marketplace in Pakistan right now and the future looks brighter. What most people do not know is that this mega project which extends to 14 different countries currently, started off in a single room.

Ahmed Khan was just another fresh graduate from LUMS, looking to find his place in the world. The first option he got was to pick up the reins and start managing his family business. Like many others, he did just that but his life took a turn when he decided he wanted more. He dropped the position and went on to get a Master’s Degree from the University of Cambridge. When he came back, he was ready to start a new chapter in life.


Ahmed Khan’s original project was azmalo.pk, a small online site for e Commerce, which later changed to Kaymu.pk, a project of of the famous German group, Rocket Internet. After that Ahmed’s life changed in rapid succession. Rocket Internet wanted them to grow big and reach out to bigger audiences and that’s exactly what he started working towards. Now, Ahmed sits in a prestigious office and administers the operation of Kaymu in Asia. In the next few months they are expected to launch the next Kaymu marketplaces in 28 other countries!

In Pakistan, Kaymu.pk has been doing exceptionally well. It is one of the biggest e-commerce sites there are, with over 16,000 orders and 900 transactions taking place daily on the website. Kaymu, as an idea, stands out among others. Compared to other successful sites in Pakistan like Homeshopping.pk, Symbios.pk and Daraz.pk, it isn’t an online shop. Infact, Kaymu is a marketplace, a platform where buyers and sellers come together digitally to facilitate the economics of supply and demand. At the end of the day Kaymu takes the responsibilities of the transaction and puts the end users on ease. State of the art customer service centers are also run by the company to alleviate any trust issues. Managing the site, exhibiting the products online, helping the payment and delivery system falls under the responsibilities of Kaymu; the stats are a good evidence that they are doing it right.


A few days ago, Kaymu.pk celebrated its first anniversary. The success they have achieved in this small period of time is indeed commendable and inspiring. The AppJuice would like to extend best wishes to the Kaymu Team!

Written by Qurat Zafar
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