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KPITB will soon introduce an online business portal for KP residents

Written by Abdul Raffay ·  54 sec read >

Manifesting sincerity in their endeavors to improve the standard of doing business, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board (KPITB) has inaugurated their Online Business Portal.

This is great news for anyone doing business in the KP region as this online portal will assume the responsibilities of a virtual one-stop-shop, which means this will provide all the services at one place i.e. the online portal. The customers need not go anywhere else.

The Assistant to CM of Science & Technology and IT, Kamran Khan Bangash wrote the following post on twitter. He announced the news of the inauguration of the online business portal with fervor.

Kamran Khan Bangash went on to explain how this initiative will ease up the process of doing business and that the portal will go up and running soon.

This new IT advancement will allow different facilities ranging from registration, approval connection for utility services to different kinds of taxation for businesses in KPK.

Kamran also shared a collage of pictures on his twitter revealing the interface of the soon to launch business portal:

This will allow customers to register their businesses with relative organizations like SECP, EOIB, WWF etc. as well as appealing for utility services from relevant authorities like PESCO and SNGPL. Customers can also get confirmation on taxes regarding plots and maps as well as many other applicable taxes.

From the looks of it, this portal provides all the services in one package which was previously unseen, indeed a step in the right direction from the KPK IT Board.