Meet the 11 Startups graduates of Founder Institute Islamabad’s inaugural semester

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The first semester of “The Founder Institute Islamabad” has come to an end and 13 young entrepreneurs, leading 11 exciting startups, have graduated and are ready to embrace the real world.

One of the world’s most coveted startup launch program, the Founder Institute started its operations in Pakistan last year, starting with Karachi. The first batch graduated in April and barely a few months on wards, the Institute launched their Telenor-sponsored Islamabad Chapter. Finally, the 13 Graduating Founders, initially chosen out of a total of 128 eligible applicants, have created the tech startups that will be innovatively addressing economic and social problems, reducing market distortions, and creating jobs. Here’s a look at the work they are trying to do.

1. Deal Smash

Deal Smash is startup focused on providing people with customized discounts using their shopping patterns and driving higher sales for brands. Customers get the products they love and retailers can get good sales numbers. This can also help get rid of slow moving stock and avoid steeper discounts at end-of-season sales.

2. Road Ez

We all hate getting stuck in traffic. How good would it be to get a little heads up so we could avoid the traffic route. Road Ez uses real-time traffic data to provide personalized alerts on traffic jams via SMS and a smartphone app.

3. Charity Sharity

Charity Sharity provides you with an easier way to contribute to your favorite charity, each time you visit any retail outlets.

4. Touch’D

Here’s an innovative startup that will help you monitor and strengthen your relationships. Touch’D will provide you feedback on how to improve your interactions with others based on your text messages, social media activity and participation in meetups.

5. Just Price

Pakistan has a lot of e-commerce websites, that it almost makes it difficult to choose where to buy from. In order to make your job easier, Just Price will help you find the right product from the right shop based on price, delivery time and warranty.

6. Rise Mom

Rise Mom is here to make things easier for working mothers with young kids. It will help you keep an eye on your kid if you leave them in day care center via surveillance and status updates. It also delivers tips on childcare, mother’s health and education on various products.

7. Talk Health

Talk Health will help you book appointments and get free medical advice from the best doctors in town.

8. Maalik

Maalik is a consumer-to-consumer real estate marketplace and an online property valuation forum.

9. Cooked Today

If you don’t know how to cook or if you live in a hostel that has terrible food, Cooked Today is here for you. They deliver home-cooked meals to homes and hostels, both.

10. Tutory

Tutory is an online tutoring platform for high schoolers, supporting both one-to-one and group study.

11. Iris Red

Iris Red will help you find and book a photographer for you next big occasion, one that suits your budget, preference and schedule.

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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