Microsoft Edge will soon be able to tell you if your passwords have gotten compromised

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie ·  49 sec read >
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Microsoft recently announced a couple of updates coming to its Edge browser. One of the features can tell users called “Password Monitor” which tells the users if their passwords have been compromised
Microsoft introduced the new feature so that users could feel more secure online. The way password monitor works is very simple. Once the user enables the feature, the browser analyzes the saved password in the Zedge against a known repository of already exposed credentials and alerts you if your match is found.

Users can now either ignore the warning or make changes to the password by going to the website. All the ignored passwords leak notifications can be found on the Edge Password Manager page. If users want to make changes to the password at a later date, they will be able to do that from the password manager page.

It is still unclear whether the password monitoring feature will be installed in the final version of the Edge browser or not as the new features are only being tested in the beta version. Here are some other features that Microsoft is testing:

    • Added a new Tab Page Search box management policy. The administrative template update will be rolled out later
    • Added support to the Auto Open Allowed for the management of URLs from upstream Chromium
    • Added support for the Auto Open File Types management policy from upstream Chromium