Muse becomes the first Pakistani startup to be selected as Top 6 EdTech Startups at the Global Education and Skills Forum

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SABAQ, a Karachi based startup has taken it on themselves to rethink the education system. The goal is to make education more engaging and more accessible. Muse, their flagship product was developed on the pillars of modern technology and powerful storytelling. Their hard work has got them recognized as the top 6 EdTech startups at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.

SABAQ Recognized as Top 6 EdTech Startups at the ‘Next Billion EdTech Prize’

image.png The competition which was held last week saw 30 Edtech startups battle it out for the top spot. With over 1500 delegates from different countries, it was truly a global competition. SABAQ was selected as the top 6 Global EdTech startups at the ‘Next Billion EdTech Prize’ in Dubai. It is a proud moment for Pakistan!

Talking to Dawn, the co-founder and CEO Hassan Bin Rizwan said, “Our content is aligned with the national curriculum. With nearly 22 million children out of school in Pakistan, SABAQ intends to reduce this number by providing a digital learning solution and making educational content more accessible to kids.”

What is Muse?

home (1).png Muse is SABAQ’s flagship product that uses stories and animations to make learning fun. The digital learning solution makes lessons engaging and increases student performance. By using a colorful pallet with interactive activities, Muse has potential to rethink how children are educated.

It is not to be confused with likes of Coursera or Udacity which only offer online courses. Muse is designed to be used inside as well as outside the classroom. So your school is with you all the time. Since its inception 3 years ago, SABAQ has been implemented in more than 1,000 schools and their application, Muse, has reached over 90,000 children across Pakistan.

An extensive digital catalog

Muse offers a very comprehensive and extensive catalog for four subjects: Math, Urdu, Science, English. They have currently developed apps for Grade KG to Grade 5 with over 1,500 digital lessons and tests.

It’s not just the volume but rather the quality that is impressive. With fun animated videos and exercises, students have a more immersive and wholesome experience.

Inculcating 21st Century Skills

The academic experts at SABAQ understand the importance of imparting 21st-century skills. The content is designed to improve critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and effective communication, all essential for tomorrow’s leaders.

Moreover, Muse lessons are designed with the STEM approach. This helps strengthen kids’ concepts of Math and Science and allows them to be better prepared for the future.

The idea is to make kids better thinkers and problem solvers, as the 21st-century jobs will significantly favor these attributes.
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Deeper insights for better teaching and learning

One of the most difficult tasks for a teacher is to keep track of students. Muse solves this problem by integrating performance tracking inside the app. The teacher can log in the Muse app and see how students are performing. They can then focus their efforts on individual students and ensure that they get the required attention.

Students can track their own progress and performance by heading over to the profile tab. They can see how many exercises they have completed and how they have been performing in different subjects. This should serve as a source of motivation for the kids to improve.

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