NADRA Gives 126000 Tablets To Workers For Digital Census

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Pakistan will procure 126,000 tablets from China for the 7th Population and Household Digital Census by 11 December 2022. The delivery of tablets will start on 20 August and will be completed in eight batches by 11 December 2022. The National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA) proposed a comprehensive IT Turn-Key Solution for the 7th Population and Household Census. As proceedings stand, the digital census will be carried out across the country in 628 Tehsils comprising approximately 200,000 Census Blocks.

The activity shall be performed using android-based intelligent devices equipped with House Listing and Enumeration Applications synchronized with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS).

An agreement between NADRA and the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) was signed on 20 June 2022 to offer an IT turn Key solution for the upcoming 7th Digital Census in the country NADRA. The total cost of the contract is amounting to Rs. 13.4 billion. The Mobilization Advance of 40 percent payment invoice as per the contract has been raised to PBS, however, Rs. 2.25 billion has been dispersed by the client.

Of the 126,000 tablets to be procured from China, the first batch of 500 tablets will arrive on 20 August, followed by three batches of 18,500 each in October, and two batches of 18,500 each in November, the documents reveal. Two batches of 18,500 and 14,500 will arrive in Pakistan on 1 and 15 December, respectively. For carrying out pilot digital census and training in 83 tehsils, NADRA has already arranged 600 tablets from BISP on loan.

With the delivery of 17,600 tablets to Chief Statistician PBS, Naeem-uz-Zafar at Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Nadra has overall provided 126,000 android gadgets for the 7th population & housing census.

Nadra completed the gigantic exercise in nine days to supplement the enormous training of more than 90,000 enumerators in 932 venues respectively. The android-based census digital application has online and offline support with a seamless data synchronization feature. The system will support PBS in all three stages of the census, including the pre-census, census stage, and post-census stages.

On the occasion, Chairman Nadra Tariq Malik said that the digital census was a step that pulled Pakistan out of the ancient past and opened the door to the modern future. “From scribbled responses on millions of paper sheets to real-time validated data in apps on secure devices with satellite imagery- is a step towards Digital Pakistan,” said Malik. He added that the big data from the digital census would become a foundational system for evidence-based policymaking in Pakistan.

“Big information from integer census would go foundational strategy for evidence-based argumentation making for Pakistan,” helium noted.

Nadra developed the integer solution for integer census utilizing modern Agile Methodology successfully conscionable 3 weeks.

The broad integer solution includes improvement and deployment of Android-based location listings and enumeration exertion synchronized with planetary positioning strategy (GPS) and geographical accusation strategy (GIS), information center services, telephone center services, the constitution of method enactment centers astatine each tehsil level on with online web portal for wide nationalist with different allied services.

The Android-based census integer exertion has online and offline enactment with seamless information synchronization features. The strategy volition enactment of the PBS was successful in every 3 stages of the census pre-census, census signifier, and post-census stage.

Nadra is the technological spouse of PBS for the archetypal integer census activity. The mandate of Nadra’s successful gigantic nationalist workout is to supply services about the IT domain to marque the census enactment a singular success. This volition resultantly marque the census process much more transparent and by incorporating exertion and digitalization, it volition guarantee documentation of the full population.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had connected December 16 linked the behavior of caller delimitation with authoritative notification of the last results of the yet-to-commence workout of the archetypal integer census results by March 31, 2023.

The determination was taken aft calculation of the minimum clip required with squeezed timelines done an in-house treatment and it was conveyed to the government. The ECP had antecedently been ruling retired caller delimitation successful lawsuit the last notification of the census results was issued aft Dec 31, 2022.

Though Nadra has met the deadline to implicit its job, it is unclear if the yet-to-commence integer census workout would beryllium completed earlier than the extremity of March. Chief Statistician of PBS Dr. Naeem uz Zafar erstwhile contact told Dawn that the tract enactment would beryllium completed successfully the archetypal week of March followed by information validation.

He said that the validation of information connected to artifact level mightiness instrumentality 2 to 3 weeks at which the information would beryllium placed earlier to the Council of Common Interest (CCI) for approval.

In reply to a question, helium said adjacent if it was assumed that the last notification was not issued by March 31, the determination was a country neither Article 51(5) of the Constitution for the behavior of wide elections connected the ground of the erstwhile census results.

Article 51(5) of the Constitution provides that seats successful in the National Assembly shall beryllium allocated to each province, and the national superior connected the ground of the colonization successfully by the past preceding census officially published.

It was further informed that training of Master Trainers will start from November 28 to December 10,  2022. The self-enumerator process will start on January 15, 2023. The Minister directed to expedite the process and strictly adhere to the revised timelines, keeping in view the sensitivity of the matter.

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