Now Meet the first female food delivery rider in Pakistan

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Pakistan is the country where women are no lesser than men and not just that they are not scared to perform in any job. Women are taking charge of their life and breaking any boundaries that come in their careers.

The involvement of women in the corporate sector is only 12 to 15 percent even though females make half of the Pakistani population. Rubab Jubani is one of the food delivery riders working with Foodpanda. She has set all-new milestones for women all over Pakistan.

Though she initiated the job intending to earn a livelihood for herself and family, she is now loving her job despite the difficulties coming to her way. She started the job as a part-time job but now due to her confidence, she has been hitting the spotlight. Besides that Rubab is also a bike enthusiast and that is the reason why she got attracted to this job.

According to her when she begins the job she has to face a lot of criticism from people around her and on the road while doing her job. In society shuns the concept of women working and riding bikes or performing any opportunities that are only supposed to be handled by men.

In an interview, Rubab Jubani said: ”before joining Food Panda, I was doing multiple jobs like being a photographer as a freelancer. I came across a food panda rider delivery Ad and I thought to apply for it. My parents believe that girls should be allowed to earn by themselves and in this way, they can support their families as well.”

She further said: ”Rider usually face all sorts of customers, some are very welcoming and treat you very well. However, certain customers are challenging and may act rude. I believe we should remain calm in such situations.”

Women are coming forward and trying to grasp their opportunity and vanish the gender parity stigma from our society. Besides Food Panda, Careem is also stepping forward and appreciating women to work shoulder by shoulder to men.