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Asus Zenbook S13 OLED Review; Sleek with An Excellent Value

Laptops generally follow a similar pattern to how CPUs develop, shrinking in size and becoming more efficient. That’s why...

Aug 4 ·>

5 Laptops that you can easily buy for under 75k in Pakistan – 2022

Having a computer is necessary these days if you have a job with even essential technical aspects. A laptop...

Aug 3 ·>

Pakistan Plans to Make Enough Renewable Energy Sources Till the Year 2030

The threats about the usage of non-renewable have been preached enough, and now everyone is starting to take action...

Aug 3 ·>
Solar Pakistan

Soaring Temperatures Are Affecting Not Just You But Also Your Data

Europeans love to get a nice warm sunny day; however, this time, summer has been nothing less than torture...

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Aug 3 ·>

TikTok Ahead of Facebook in Influencer Marketing Spending This Year

Over the years, influencers and influencer marketing have grown in numbers, with the industry now well worth over a...

Aug 3 ·>
TikTok influencer marketing

Thousands of Twitter Accounts at Risk as Hackers Leak API Keys

Researchers discovered 3,207 apps on Monday that were leaking Twitter API keys, which hackers can easily exploit to access...

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Aug 3 ·>

Self-Repair Kits by iFixit Now Available in Samsung Galaxy Devices

After almost six months, Samsung’s self-repair program is now available. The Samsung and iFixit collaboration enables you to repair...

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Aug 3 ·>
iFixit Now Available in Samsung Galaxy Devices

Brazil’s Nubank Gains 1M New Crypto Users in Just 2 Months

For an exclusive in-app cryptocurrency trading experience, the New York-based exchange and stable coin issuer have collaborated with Nubank,...

Aug 3 ·>
Brazil’s Nubank Gains 1M New Crypto Users

Tether is About to Launch its Own Video Calling App KEET

Tether joined forces with Bitfinex in pursuit of making a peer-to-peer communication app that provides complete control and privacy...

Aug 3 ·>
Tether x KEET

China Power Hub to Purchase Local Coal from Pakistan for Power Generation

CPHGC is interested in purchasing 40,000 tonnes of local coal each month at a price fixed in Pakistani rupees,...

Aug 3 ·>
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5 Best phones that you can buy under 30k easily in Pakistan – 2022

Smartphones are expensive! Nowadays, it has become a necessity for everyone to have a smartphone, whether they like it...

Aug 3 ·>

7 Must Have Android Apps For Couples – 2022

Software’s and applications have made our lives better in a whole lot ways, while we continue to use apps...

Pakistan Cellular Mobile Operators Pays Rs 6.4 Million as Fines to PTA

On August 1st, Pakistani CMOs payed around 6.4 million rupees in fine to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, reports indicate...

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Aug 2 ·>