Pakistan to issue eVisa to investors

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According to Minister of Interior, Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistan was thinking for a long time to issue Electronic Visa in the country, to facilitate the investors and visitors.

While addressing to the members of Pakistani community at the Pakistani High Commission in London on Monday night, Iqbal said, “We are in the process of issuing E-Visa soon in consultation with our foreign office like other countries to the genuine visitors and investors soon thus making Pakistan a member of the global economy and the best investment and tourist destination in the world”.

The reception was attended by a large number of British-Pakistani and journalists. Some key figures were also present, including Pakistan’s Deputy High Commissioner to the United Kingdom – Zaid Hafeez Chaudhry, members of the UK Parliament Illyas Amin Qureshi and Muhammad Yasin and officials of PHC (Pakistan High Commission).

Ahsan Iqbal informed the community the community about the benefits Pakistan would achieve by introducing Electronic Visa. He added that the country won’t only rise as a chief investment zone, improving the overall economy but will also elevate as a top destination for the tourists.

The minister told the audience that Pakistan is an emerging middle class and provides access to an attractive market of 207 million people, therefore, it has become one of the top targets for the investors. He urged the listeners to utilize the investments opportunities in various parts of the growing economy including the Information Technology sector.

He further advised the Pakistanis living abroad to come forward and invest to make an impact in the country’s socio-economic development.

The exact date of issuing is unknown as of yet. As mentioned, the ‘process’ and ‘consultations’ are on-going. But from the reports, it can be hoped that Electronic Visa is likely to happen in the country soon.

We would let you know when it gets issued. So, keep following TechJuice.

Written by Talha Saqib
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