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Pakistani application lets you locate and browse shopping malls

Written by Saad Mughal ·  1 min read >
Shopping and FiveRivers Technologies have launched a unique app,, which allows users to locate and browse through their favorite brands and malls in the city. With the help of this app, you can find shopping malls closest to your current location and scan through the shops available within these malls. You can also find food courts and cinemas through

User interface of website.

Upon installation of the app, you will be asked to register an account or sign in through Facebook. There is also a “Try App” option available for users that are looking to check out the app.

Once you’re signed in, you have the option to look for Malls, Brands, Food (Courts), and Cinemas.

A simple tap on one of these will preview a list of available options before you. For instance, selecting Malls will display the shopping malls located near you. There is also a search option available for speeding up the process when you’re in a hurry.

Within this, you can browse through the images or preview the shops that are available. However, the amount of information is quite limited. It would be amazing if the app could also provide information for timings, promotions, and products for these shops.

Another interesting feature in the app is the “Reviews and Ratings” that allow you to share your experience at a particular place for other users to read. This will assist the app’s users to skim down their options when looking for the suitable mall or cinema.

The product manager of, Hasnain Nazir, said:
“We are very excited about this beta launch. We feel it will revolutionize the way people shop in Pakistan. Do download the app and let us know your feedback. We want to incorporate as many features as possible while keeping the application user friendly.”

According to the official press release, it is expected that the app will also provide information about deals, promotions, and movie timings in future updates. The developers have also stated that they will be adding more cities in the future.

The app is available on Android and iOS.

In conclusion, is a nifty app that can come quite in handy when you are looking out for a particular brand near your vicinity. However, there is still a lot of improvement for the app, especially in terms of the information provided.

Written by Saad Mughal
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