Pakistani celebrity Fakhar-e-Alam to deliver talk at Google Headquarters

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

Pakistani celebrity and entrepreneur Fakhar-e-Alam is getting ready to deliver a talk at Google Headquarters. The tech giant has invited Fakhar-e-Alam to talk about art, technology, aviation, and Pakistan. It is not only a proud moment for Pakistanis living in the country but also who live in foreign lands. Mr. Fakhr is one of the first Pakistani celebrities to deliver a talk to Google employees at their HQ.

The event will be held in Mountain View California and is scheduled for August 1, 2017.

Fakhar-e-Alam also tweeted regarding his talk at Google, his tweet reads,

“Truly honored & super excited to visit Google HQ in California & look forward to delivering a memorable talk about art, tech, planes & Pakistan”.

Fakhar-e-Alam is tech lover and is always ardent about new technologies and machines. As of now, he is running the internet start up named EzDaam a discount offering service. Prior, to him the only Pakistani who ever set foot on Google was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, he went to Google for a musical performance.

Tech giant in equal interval of times invites tech entrepreneurs to deliver a talk at Google Headquarters.

Watch how Pakistanis and fans of Fakhar-e-Alam reacted to the news.