Pakistani startup Healthwire Raises $700,000 from 47 Venture Investments

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Healthwire, a health-tech startup focused on aggregating all stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem on its platform and providing a seemless digital healthcare experience to patients, has raised $700,000 from 47 Venture Investments.  

Healthwire has deployed its Practice and Hospital Management software at 1200 locations across 45  cities of the country where 3500 doctors have been using its services making it the most widely deployed eHealth platform on the supply side of the healthcare ecosystem. The company’s business model is based on connecting doctors with patients from the remotest areas of Pakistan, digitizing all  health records, and eventually making healthcare affordable for the masses. With the recently launched applications, Healthwire has now enabled patients to book appointments online with thousands of doctors.  

“We have been fixated in solving the fundamental problem of unavailability of patient health information digitally. Our focus on solving this basic problem has now facilitated us to aggregate all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem” said Hamza Iqbal, Founder/CEO of Healthwire. “We have  now enabled patients to access their health records and book appointments with these doctors, we are  working on the side to bring laboratories and pharmacies on our platform to give patients a seamless  experience throughout their healthcare journey” 

Khurram Zafar, Country Manager 47 Venture Investments, said “So far, Healthwire has executed flawlessly to acquire the largest supply-side share in the health care service provider space. With the  injection of new capital, we look forward to the company rapidly expanding and growing the patient  side share of the market and providing 360 degree healthcare solution to the masses.”