Pakistani Startup Wifigen Receives Funding from Silicon Valley Investor

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Wifigen is the latest name in the expanding list of Pakistani startups that have received funding from international investors. Wifigen recently announced that it has obtained a USD 1 million valuation after receiving funding from John Russell Patrick, a former VP at IBM also known for his early-stage investment in Uber. Neither of the parties disclosed the funding amount.

Wifigen styles itself as a next-generation Wi-Fi marketing and analytics tool which acts as a connectivity interface between customers and brands. Businesses can use Wifigen to provide free Wi-Fi access to their customers, and in return gain authentic social media following, interaction opportunities, and customer data to plan their campaigns and strategies.

In order to utilize the free Wi-Fi services provided by the brands using Wifigen, users will login using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts, and contribute to the brand’s page likes, check-ins, and followers.

Wifigen maintains that this methodology will provide better interaction and analytics opportunities to businesses in devising business plans which adhere to customer needs and preferences. The startup has already received a contract from a company in New Zealand, a significant step forward in obtaining more limelight and funding opportunities.

Wifigen traces its roots back to Plan9 in Lahore, Pakistan, where it was one of the 10 successful startups from Lahore Launchpad series. The startup is currently incubated at Plan9’s 5th 6-month incubation cycle.


Wifigen is eyeing Australia as their next target country for business while they expand and gain more exposure in the homeland itself by putting the funding amount to use for aggressive marketing.

– Source: TechinAsia

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