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PM Imran predicts an Agricultural Revolution, says farmers made profits of Rs.1,100 billion

Written by Ahsan Zafeer ·  50 sec read >

PM Imran Khan said on Monday that Pakistan is making a shift towards modern agricultural practices by supporting the farming sector and uplifting the farmers – the country’s backbone through Kisan Cards. “We are moving towards modern agriculture by assisting the farmers through Kisan cards,” PM said as he tended to a function in Multan to distribute the Kisan cards among the farmers. He also added that moving towards technological innovation will help fight corruption and make people’s lives convenient.


According to the PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board’s) official website, “Kissan Cards are issued to farmers benefiting from various government programs. It aims to consolidate recipient’s information for transparent and efficient implementation of these interventions.”

“In our tenure, the additional payments to farmers for wheat alone added up to Rs500 billion”, the premier added. “The farmer’s profit from sugarcane, grain, corn, milk, and other items’ prices added up to an added up to Rs1,100 billion”. PM Imran further said that the government would double the farmer’s loans to help them expand their profitability.

The chief executive said that these endeavors aim to eliminate poverty in the country and improve rural areas. He also mentioned the use of Chinese tech in Pakistan’s agriculture. “Pakistan will benefit from Chinese technology with regard to seed development, while the research institutes related to the subject will now be revamped.”

Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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