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P@SHA is Now Accepting Nominations for P@SHA ICT Awards 2014!

Written by Uzair Ahmed ·  1 min read >

Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) is credited for, alongside a number of appreciable ventures to boost the Pakistani software and IT industry, holding annual ICT Awards with an aim to provide recognition and exposure to local software, and service applications-developing companies and associated individuals. Having held the awards ceremony for the past 10 years in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, P@SHA is all set one more time for the 11th annual grand event this fall.

The call for nominations for P@SHA’s upcoming ICT Awards 2014 is now officially open, and nominations can be sent for a total of 32 awards which comprise of 17 Product, and 15 Service categories. These categories range from E-Learning, E-Health, and Student Projects to Industrial Applications for the Products category, and from Best CIO of the Year to Best in Brand Development in Services category, among others. The deadline for nominations submission is August 31st, and the event will take place on September 20th later this year in Karachi.

Like previous years, P@SHA promises a number of valuable perks for the winners this time around as well, which include the rights to use P@SHA ICT Awards logo; promotion of the winning companies’ products on P@SHA website; the exposure to connect and collaborate with local and international companies, business tycoons, investors and venture capitalists; and opportunity to attend local and international events that P@SHA participates in. Networking with the right people can sometimes mean all the difference between the survival and demise of a start-up, and P@SHA’s events like ICT Awards and Annual Conferences are great such opportunities for any participant to look forward to.

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Written by Uzair Ahmed
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