PSX to deploy its 5-million dollar trading system in March 2021

Written by Talha Ikram ·  55 sec read >

At the end of 2019, around November, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) signed a contract with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) for the purchase of their trading and surveillance system at the cost of an astounding $5 million.

According to Farrukh H. Khan, CEO and Managing Director of PSX, “The system acquired at the cost of around $5 million is in the process of implementation and is expected to come live by March next year. The implementation will also encourage and boost investors’ confidence because of the robustness of the system and effective surveillance.”

The surveillance system consists of features, such as Real-time monitoring, Ex-post investigation, Trade replay, Data query and reporting, Case management, Surveillance task management, Security and audit, and Job Schedule system. These features are world-class stock market surveillance tools and PSX stakeholders of the Capital Market will be direct beneficiaries. The additional benefits of the SZSE Trading System would be built-in Risk management, Market access, Market data dissemination, Market control, Real-time trading system, Disaster Recovery & System operation, monitoring and management, Growth Enterprise Market (so far known as Small and Medium enterprise trading), Bonds/Term Finance Certificate trading, Single stock options trading, Index option trading, and Real-time fault-tolerant system.

Farrukh H. Khan also said, “I am sure that increased transparency [through the] stronger surveillance framework and system in place as well as new products like options and index trading that will be available on Pakistan exchange, will continue to increase attractiveness for international investors from the Middle East to take the advantage of profitable opportunities in Pakistan.”

Image Source: ARY