PTI official website hacked

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari · 43 sec read>
Imran Khan

In an interesting turn of events, PTI’s official website has been hacked by hackers who call themselves “Voice of Pakistan”. According to media reports, the website was hacked after the press conference of ex-member of PTI Aisha Gulalai. In the press conference, she accused Imran Khan and PTI of not behaving well with the women workers in the party.

After hacking the websites hackers posted comments on it that say “Pay respect to the girl and we don’t need new Pakistan, we need old one”. Moreover, hacker further wrote on PTI’s website “Pakistan Zindabad and we will never vote for Imran Khan”.
When the website was first hacked a few hours ago, the following image was being displayed on the landing page:

However, now the PTI website redirects to a YouTube video called “Sher Ka Shikari Aya”. This move is expected to have been a counter move by PTI supporters.

This is not the first time PTI’s official website came under cyber attack, previously it has been hacked by another hacker group who goes by the name of “Pashtun Cyber Army”.

Previously, another political party’s website was also hacked. Last year hackers defaced PPP website, calling Asif Zardari the most corrupt person in Pakistan.