Rhodes Scholarship program is accepting applications

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The scholarship is applicable in 22 countries along with the Global Rhode Scholarship. The first scholarship was offered in 1902

About 32 scholars are selected for the Rhodes scholarship program. The scholarship meets all the expenses of these 32 scholars and lets them get an education from Oxford University. The scholarship is awarded for 2 years to each graduate.

People from all over the world can apply for the scholarship and only those who fit into criteria will be awarded. Here are the criteria of selection for this scholar:

  • Energy to use one’s talent to the fullest
  • Scholastic Attainments
  • Literary attainments
  • Truth, Courage, Unselfishness, Fellowship, and devotion to the duty.

The current acceptance rate of this scholarship is 0.7 percent much lesser than Harvard’s 5.6 percent for the undergraduate students. Applicants cannot reapply for the scholarship twice a year otherwise applicants would be disqualified. Over 8,000 students have been granted this scholarship since the day it initiated. Apart from tuition or campus fees, scholars are also granted the living stiffened that is 15,444 pounds per year. Students will also be given one ticket to economy flight back to the scholar’s homeland. Although the scholarship tenure lasts for two years the pupils are required to perform exceptionally good and maintaining their grades in academia.

Anyone from age 18 to 28 can apply. However, in most constituencies, the age limit for scholars is 24 to 25. The application deadline is specified in the scholar’s country. Mostly the deadline for application resides between July to October.