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Russian Company Bury People Alive To Cure Anxiety For Rs.12 Milion


Note: This article aims to criticize the pathetic practices of this Russian company and does not recommend or support them by any means. We support the proper treatment of any mental illness. Patients with mental illness are one of the most miserable people as they are able to hide their misery and that is what makes it the most deadly disease there is. If you know who might potentially be suffering from mental sickness do everything in your power to help them and keep them away from such solutions. More detailed guidance on how to help someone with depression is at the end of the article. 

The world has become a strange place and people seem to find comfort in the most pathetic and torturous things one can think of. A Russian company named Prekated Academy allows those suffering from anxiety to be buried alive for an hour. Well, you heard that right. Though it sounds frightening, the company claims that it will help people get over their anxieties and fears. The technique named “psychic therapy”, however, comes with a cost. The company charges a whopping sum of Rs 47 lakh to put you in a coffin and bury you in the soil. The CEO of the company is Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya, who says; We do not intend to expose our clients to undue risk. Scientists have calculated that the buried person will have enough air in the coffin for about five and a half hours.” Though she has failed to give any evidence or reference to the research by any scientists in any interviews. 


Stress and anxiety are mental health disorders that more and more people today are struggling with. Adding to the everyday uncertainty and stress is the hustle culture, that forces people to go beyond their mental and physical capacity and achieve results in every aspect of their lives. And this company seems to have a perfect understanding of that psyche and knows that the more extreme option they represent the more people are going to think that their suffering will end. 

They allow people to be buried alive for an hour to tackle their anxiety issues. Yes, it does sound like a terrifying survival horror movie but the company claims it could rid you of your fears and anxiety and any sane person can tell that this is not true. 

The process takes place in St Petersburg, the Russian metropolitan,  and is a complete full immersion funeral. There are two packages available. One is the buried alive package mentioned above and one is an online version with a lower cost of Rs 28 lakh, where you witness your funeral, complete with candles and funeral songs. You also get to write your own will. This package is also believed to reduce stress and is dubbed stress therapy for fears and anxieties. However, for getting the full blow of the therapy with wanted results, Prekated Academy recommends the first burial therapy. Additionally, a mandatory revival with an all-around revived awareness of their mission that is supposed to renew a person’s desire to live is included.

How To Actually Help Someone With Anxiety?

We are no experts but we do understand that burning someone alive does nothing but increase anxiety or depression. If someone is suffering from mental illness you should definitely have to get them to go to the doctor, which might be more challenging than it looks. So you would have to do some effort before you can convince them to go to see the specialists. Here are some tips that can get you started;

  • Try not to put pressure on your friend or family member to do more than they feel comfortable with. It’s really important to be patient, listen to their wishes, and take things at a pace that feels okay for them.
  • It’s understandable to want to help them face their fears or find practical solutions, but it can be very distressing for someone to feel they’re being forced into situations before they feel ready. This could even make their anxiety worse.
  • Try to remember that being unable to control their worries is part of having anxiety, and they aren’t choosing how they feel.
  • Find out as much as you can about anxiety. This will help you understand what they are going through. Reading personal stories of anxiety can help too.
  • Ask about their experience. You could ask them how anxiety affects their day-to-day life, and what makes it better or worse. Listening to how they experience things could help you to empathize with how they feel.

And ultimately, you would have to take them to the doctor and there is no avoiding it. So if you care about that person you should put in the effort required to cure them. 

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