Samsung Galaxy Note9 camera ranked as the second-best in the world

Written by Abdul Wahab ·  1 min read >

DxO, an online benchmarking website for smartphone cameras, has rated Samsung Galaxy Note9 as the second-best smartphone camera in the world after its latest review of the device, giving it a score of 103.

Samsung has been known to produce one of the best smartphone cameras in the world, and Galaxy Note9 is no exception from that legacy. The latest flagship from the South Korean giant scored splendidly well on the famous DXO platform. Samsung’s Note9 scored 103 points coming in at 2nd place joining HTC’s U12+ and only 6 points behind Huawei’s P20 pro, which is currently the top-ranked smartphone camera on DxO’s website.

Ever since the introduction of Google Pixel, DXO has become the holy grail of all the smartphone cameras in the world. Due to Google’s clever marketing of its smartphone camera and referencing DXO as the quantifiable tool to measure its picture/video capturing quality, it became essential for every smartphone manufacturer to get their latest flagship tested by DXO.

Breakdown of results

The DxO review for both picture and video quality of Samsung Galaxy Note9 is broken down in the following manner:

Picture quality

DxO gave Galaxy Note9 107 points for its picture capturing quality, ranking it ahead of HTC U12+ but below Huawei P20 Pro’s 114 points. DxO tests smartphone cameras on the basis of exposure, contrast, color accuracy, auto-focus, texture, noise artifacts, and bokeh-effect. According to DxO, the smartphone performed excellent in balancing detail retention, noise reduction, zoom quality, and realistic bokeh-effects, while the dynamic range and exposure quality were the highlights of the phone. However, it was also noted that Note9’s camera has the tendency to smooth fine detail a bit more and exposes the image inaccurately at times. Detail score of the picture quality:

  • Exposure – 91 points
  • Color – 81 points
  • Autofocus – 96 points
  • Texture – 68 points
  • Noise – 76 points
  • Artifacts – 67 points
  • Flash – 90 points
  • Zoom – 66 points
  • Bokeh – 55 points

Video quality

In the video department, Note9 received 94 points. The smartphone scored well making it one of the best performers in video ranking. Some of its standout improvements include an improved auto-focus, tracking, exposure & contrast, and much better image stabilization. Detailed scoring of the video quality is as follows:

  • Exposure – 83 points
  • Color – 87 points
  • Autofocus – 98 points
  • Texture – 54 points
  • Noise – 72 points
  • Artifacts – 82 points
  • Stabilization – 91 points