SanDisk’s latest USB flash drives may be the fastest ever

Saad Mughal Written by Saad Mughal · 36 sec read>

SanDisk has come up with a storage solution that may as well be best ever in the history of mobile phones. The company has utilized the new and efficient USB Type-C port technology to develop advanced flash memory drives that will assure higher speeds and greater reliability.

The USB Type-C port was introduced for the purpose of high-speed data transfer with lower power consumption. The port has allowed leading smartphone companies to offer quicker yet thinner tablets and smartphones. Now, though, SanDisk (a subsidiary company of Western Digital) has made use of this technology to develop dual-drive flash memory drives.

According to SanDisk, this device will transfer at speeds of up to 150 Mbps. By 2020, the company also expects approximately 44% of all smartphones to have USB-C connectors which means these devices will be compatible with SanDisk’s latest storage drives.

All in all, SanDisk has utilized the quick and reliable USB-C technology to manufacture storage drives that may as well be used in smartphones in the future for much greater data transfer speeds.

Written by Saad Mughal
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