Sehat Kahani launches mobile app after treating 90,000 patients across the country

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With more than 50% individuals not having access to primary healthcare in Pakistan, it is no surprise that many people are suffering from diseases and they are not receiving proper treatment in time. Many common diseases such as seasonal flu, allergy or so forth can be dealt with at home provided proper medication is given on a timely basis. Patients in this case have to visit a hospital which may be miles away from them and upon arriving there, they discover to their dismay that the illness can be cured through simple medications.

Sehat Kahani’s mobile app aims to connect patients to doctors through telemedicine. Through an extensive network of qualified doctors, Sehat Kahani has launched this app in collaboration with 10Pearls for corporate consumers with a retail version of the application for the mass consumers to be available soon.

In regards to what the app will offer, users will be able to:

  1. Record their health history
  2. Chat or conduct an audio/video consultation with an available network of doctors
  3. Obtain a prescription as well as the facility of at home pharmacy delivery lab tests

By using this app, you are going to spend less time travelling to the doctor for simple prescriptions and focus more on important lab tests or X-Rays (if needed) because these are essential for proper analysis of the disease/fracture and then a suitable medication is suggested.

Many at times we also need a quick response to a certain life-threatening scenario and through this app, users would be able to connect to doctors in a matter of minutes so that they know how to handle that situation. Sehat Kahani happens to be widely experienced in terms of providing e-healthcare services through E – clinics via its network of 1500 female doctors to more 90,000 patients in 24 low income communities.

Sehat Kahani’s Co-founder and COO Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga said during the launch ceremony:

“This is an honest effort from the Sehat Kahani team to solve an urgent healthcare need for many. As the usability enhances, this application will undergo many iterations to include new features as the possibilities in digital healthcare are endless but we are excited to embark on this ambitious journey with 10 pearls. This will definitely enable the company to go a long way in creating a positive change in patients’ lives.”

Director General of Information, Science & Technology, Mr. Yousuf Mohammad, and the President of Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT, & the Founder of Nest I/O Ms. Jehan Ara were also present during the launch event.

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